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SYRIA.ART – Association pour la Promotion de l’Art Contemporain Syrien seeks to provide a diverse, open overview of the Syrian art scene and its talented Syrian artists, and to shed light on the dynamism currently characterising Contemporary Syrian Art in Syria, France, Europe and the rest of the world.

SYRIA.ART seeks to promote Contemporary Syrian Art, artists, ideas and works, while also encouraging artistic exchange and dialogue between cultures. SYRIA.ART is deliberately apolitical, highlights art, artistic creations and beauty, and pays tribute to Syrian art and the creativity and talent of Syrian artists. It is all part of a philanthropic initiative advocating the values of interartistic and intercultural dialogue.



Damascus String Quintet (DSQ) of SEPO is the first Syrian string quintet, their members from SEPO (Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra). Founded in 2015 in Berlin. DSQ performs works by Syrian composers beside the classical music. DSQ is also interested to perform the Syrian, Arabic, oriental heritage music along with the contemporary music.

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The Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra (SEPO) is the first Symphony Orchestra for the Syrian professional and academic musicians who live in European Union countries and diaspora as a ”Syrian Exile Orchestra”. Founded in September 2015 in Germany, trying the best to collect the Syrian musicians together whatever ideological differences to trying save the Syrian music faced with the big cultural and civilizational destruction in Syria now, this is what we can do at this phase, unite our efforts to make a great music and something beautiful in this life.

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Berlin University of the Arts is one of the biggest, most diversified and traditional universities of the arts in the world. The teaching offered at the colleges of Fine Arts, Architecture, Media and Design, Music, and Performing Arts, as well as at the Central Institute for Continuing Education/ Berlin Career College encompasses the full spectrum of the arts and related academic studies in more than 70 courses. Having the right to confer doctorates and post-doctoral qualifications, Berlin University of the Arts is also one of the few art colleges in Germany with full university status. What few people know, however, is that art and music teachers also train at Berlin University of the Arts, which is the only university in Berlin and Brandenburg where the subjects can be studied with a teaching career in mind.


Also UdK Berlin is establishing many projects for newcomers. On this website all of them are listed, but unfortunately only in German:

The Frankfurter Kunstverein was founded in 1829 and is one of the oldest and most respected art associations (Kunstvereine) in Germany. The goal of the Frankfurter Kunstverein is thus to foster enthusiasm for the emerging art of today and to show how contemporary art can influence how we perceive and imagine our world.


The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) was established in 2007 by local cultural lobbyists as an independent initiative that funds individuals and organizations in the fields of cinema, performing arts, literature, music and visual arts while facilitating cultural exchange, research and cooperation across the Arab world and globally.

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KW Institute for Contemporary Art

KW Institute for Contemporary Art is a place for the production and presentation of contemporary art, where the pressing questions of our time can be openly formulated and discussed. It is a center for the introduction of recent developments in national and international contemporary culture, and for further development, working together with artists and institutions, and commissioning new work. As an institution for contemporary art without a collection of its own, but also without the specific mandate of a member-based art association, KW has a high degree of flexibility in creating its programs and addressing its audience. It is a resource both for the people who make active use of it, and for those who participate in it as visitors.
The building complex in Berlin’s centre includes exhibition halls, function rooms, offices, and a café, alongside apartments and studios, and provides a space for encounters and exchanges.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art – KUNST-WERKE BERLIN e.V. / Auguststraße 69 / 10117 Berlin

Website: (in English and German)

Mona Jas

At the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, we see it as our responsibility to promote, support and accompany the development and production of the performing arts in a contemporary context. Our program shows current works by independent artists and collectives from the fields of dance, theater and performance, as well as selected positions from the visual arts and music.


In keeping with its main objective, the Allianz Kulturstiftung supports broadly conceived educational and cultural projects, which benefit the European integration process and encourage the development of a European identity. An important target group for the foundation’s work is the new generation of scholars and artists for whom the foundation has developed a series of exchange and encounter-related projects.


Vivace is a syrian intiative which provides children in Germany with music classes in Violin and Cello, visit Cultural events and museums together and offers theater and puppet classes at Kunstwerke in Berlin.



DOX BOX is coordinating round-tables during the GOETHE INSTITUTE DAMASKUS in EXILE series of events. The round-tables are aimed at documentary filmmakers and professionals in exile in Berlin and Germany where 4 themes are addressed: Editing Documentary, Producing in Germany, Working as an independent director, Mapping of The German Film Festivals. Round-tables are coordinated by Marion Schmidt from DOX BOX and each subject is covered by highly experienced expert from Germany and Syria.

DOX BOX is a non-profit association established in Berlin in 2014 to support and empower the documentary film community from the Arab World. The association is a heir to DOX BOX independent documentary film festival that ran in Syria till 2011.  DOX BOX is a very untraditional support organisation

Since its establishment, DOX BOX offers a variety of support schemes

including the RESIDENCY for finishing editing aimed at specific countries and film-projects. DOX BOX has recently launched the e-learning modules with the first e-course on film rights aimed at specific countries and level of expertise

under the title WHY RIGHTS MATTER

. DOX BOX is currently preparing to launch its schemes to supporting exile filmmakers in Germany and beyond. The first event of which is the round-tables that run on the 30th of October 2016 from 2-4 pm as part of and in collaboration with the GOETHE INSTITUTE DAMASKUS in EXILE.


تنظم مؤسسة دوكس بوكس في برلين و الداعمة للسينما التسجيلية والوثائقية في العالم العربي عدداً من الطاولات المستديرة التعريفية ضمن فعاليات “دمشق في المنفي” من معهد غوته.  تتوجه الطاولات المستديرة لصناع ونشطاء السينما الوثائقية في المهجر في برلين وألمانيا وتدور حول مواضيع محددة هي: المونتاج الوثائقي، الإنتاج في ألمانيا، العمل كمخرجين مستقلين في ألمانيا، وخريطة المهرجانات السينمائية الوثائقية في ألمانيا. تقوم بإعداد وتسيير الطاولات ماريون شميدت من دوكس بوكس ويدير كل طاولة عدد من الخبراء الألمان والسوريين.

مؤسسة دوكس بوكس أنشأت في برلين عام ٢٠١٤ لتدعم السينمائيين التسجيلين من العالم العربي خلفاً لمهرجان أيام سينما الواقع دوكس بوكس الذي أقيم بشكل مستقل في سورية حتى عام ٢٠١١. تهدف المؤسسة والتي تبتعد عن التقليدية في تقديم الدعم منذ تأسيسها بتقديم دعم محدد الشكل والهدف. منذ إنطلاقها قدمت المؤسسة عدد من برامج الدعم مثل الإقامة وهي مخصصة لإنهاء المونتاج لمشاريع الأفلام الوثائقية التي تستخدم الأرشيف، بينما أطلقت المؤسسة نموذجاً للتعليم الافتراضي هذا العام من خلال أولى الدورات الإلكترونية تحت عنوان “أهمية الحقوق” والمخصصة لعدد معين من البلدان العربية ولمستوى محدد من الخبرة لكنها ستتبع بدورات الكترونية اخرى. تحضر مؤسسة دوكس بوكس لإطلاق برامج لدعم السينمائيين التسجيلين في المنفى حيث تعد الطاولات المستديرة التي تنظمها ضمن فعاليات “دمشق في المنفى” أول إخراجات المؤسسة في هذا الصدد.  موعد الطاولات المستديرة في ٣٠ اوكتوبر (تشرين الأول) ما بين الساعة ٢-٤ ظهراً في مكتب “دمشق في المنفى” في شارع روزنتاله برلين.


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